Federal Legislative Priorities

The Children’s Hospital Association has prepared a response to the questions received from health plans on the ACE Kids Act. It is designed to be helpful withh discussions in your states and with Hill offices. If you have additional questions to add to the list, please let The Children’s Hospital Association know! The Association has shared this document with the Association of Community-affiliated plans (non-profit Medicaid plans) and the Medicaid Health Plans of America (for-profit Medicaid plans). Please feel free to share with others in your hospital and your local health plans.
Final Health Plan FAQ
Letter from CMS to AHCA Regarding LIP
FL LIP Signed Letter

FACH Press Release on CHIP

Senate Passes SGR Reform


Legislative Priorities

Support implementation of reform that provides all children with health coverage, from birth through age 21

  • Support ACE Kids Act – H.R. 4930 – Medical Home Proposal for Children with Chronic Complex Conditions

Support and implement reforms that children need to include:

  • Funding to enroll all eligible children
  • Reimbursement at levels equal to Medicare rates
  • Maintain the federal exemption of children from cost sharing for Medicaid
  • Continue children’s guarantee of medically necessary care
  • Ensure network adequacy
  • Funding for investment in national quality measures for children’s hospitals and projects to demonstrate better delivery of care for children in Medicaid, comparable to what Medicare does for adults and seniors
  • Protect Critical Safety Net Hospitals Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) payments are critical to children’s hospitals and their ability to provide health care to all children, including low-income children. As the nation health care system evolves under ACA, Congress must ensure that DSH payments continue until all children are covered and Medicaid payments cover the cost of care.

Support reauthorization and full funding of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) and increase funding to enroll all eligible children.

Support full funding of Children’s Hospitals Graduate Medical Education (CHGME).

Support funding for pediatric subspecialty training and increase the number of residency slots available in each state.